Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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The Graduate Program in Mechatronics Engineering will provide an in-depth knowledge in the fundamentals, design, analysis and operation of mechatronic systems. A graduate of this program will be equipped with a mixture of complex knowledge and concepts across various disciplines and will have a considerable advantage in seeking employment in research and technology companies with computer-integrated manufacturing systems, as well as with research centers that develop and use advanced automation equipment.


The student body that the program aims at consists of 4 year university graduates who are currently employed in the automation-control industry as well as those who have a personal interest in the field and wish to apply for professional positions in industry. The graduates of the program will have a broad understanding of the forming disciplines of mechatronics. These graduates, having gone through an additional and focused training, are likely to occupy key positions in the industry in the long term.


The goal of the graduate degree of Master of Science (MS) in Mechatronics Engineering (MECA) is to integrate mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science into a meaningful program to produce engineers that are conversant with all of the relevant technologies needed to create modern, smart electro-mechanical products. The use of a variety of tools in engineering design and analysis will be emphasized, and realistic engineering problem settings will be provided so as to enable students to successfully address complex design and implementation problems. Students will be exposed to the broad foundations of mechatronics that encompass mechanics, electronics and embedded computer control, with a particular emphasis on applications. The design, characterization, and optimization of mechatronic systems will comprise the core of this multidisciplinary coursework, which prepares students for the challenges of a variety of advanced industrial problems. The Mechatronics Engineering degree program will also promote concepts that are widely linked to critical advances in the science and engineering.

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